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St. Joseph's Day Feast Los Angeles California March 2014

To see the true Sicilian heart of LA, the place to be on the 19th of March is Casa Italiana at St. Peter's Italian Church at the edge of Chinatown for the annual St. Joseph's Table. The Sicilian tradition of feeding the poor on St. Joseph's feast day has been extended to feeding the whole community with a pasta dinner. The event also includes daily mass, the Holy Family Procession and a St. Joseph's Table artfully displayed with edible masterpieces donated to raise money for the church's food program, which feeds over 200 homeless and migrants daily. The spaghetti dinner is free. Italian sausage, pizza and desserts are available for sale. Donations are accepted to support the program. 

This is the third year my friends from our italian language group have enjoyed the 11:00 mass followed by the processional and the luncheon.  This event is usually held for two or three days and always culminating on March 19th.  It is held at St. Peter's Italian Church, 1039 North Broadway, Los Angeles, California 

My friends Mitra and Marion join me for this lovely celebration. We three were honored to have been asked to carry the offertory gifts to the Priest during today's Mass.

The main hall is filled with wonderful baked goods, flowers, plants for people to buy. You can also buy fresh vegetables and wine to take home. All proceeds go to feeding the poor. 

We all enjoy the delicious free spagetti lunch. You can buy italian sausage, meatballs, pizza, and salads and wine for your meal.

Buon Appetito!


                                                         Don't forget to buy the wine!

You can also buy many delicious desserts made by the ladies of the church. We all agreed these were the best cannolis we have ever eaten!

                                                         More desserts for sale.


We were happy to see our friend Carmen who volunteers for her parish event yearly.

We enjoyed sharing our table with these delightful women of italian descent.

Another lovely Italian woman at our table.  Lots of fun meeting and talking with people who have enjoyed St. Joseph's table annually.

Another wonderful year for the three of us, aka Tre Stagioni

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In Memory

"In memory everything seems to happen to music." - Tennessee Williams

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More Adventures in Downtown Los Angeles

On Saturday April 5, 2014 we took the metrolink Blue line public transportation to downtown Los Angeles. My husband and I had separate agendas.  He was going to explore the Public Library and Grand Central Market and I was going to meet up with some of my fashion loving friends for our annual visit to FIDM (Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising).  The current exhibit is Oscar nominated and award winning costumes from 2014 nominated films and from assorted past year winners.  Also on exhibit were 18th century wedding dresses.  Here's a little glimpse into my day in downtown Los Angeles:

Always fun to be in the midst of very tall buildings that soar above you like giants.

My metro stop lets me off at 7th and Hope street.

A very short walk down 7th street to the corner of 7th and Grand is my first stop

Here we are at Bottega Louie's

Even at 10:00 o'clock in the morning this place is bustling and noisy

I am lost in a wonderland of beautiful confections.

So much fun to take in at Bottega Louie's

It's time to move on down the street two blocks to the Fashion Institute

The ever changing Fashion exhibits at the Museum are free and so wonderful.

My fashionista friends are all here: Jocelyn, John, Judith and Wendy

Costumes from Anna Karenina a 2013 academy award winner

A special wedding dress exhibit. This one from Great Britain c. 1800.

After the museum and some shopping at the FIDM shops we have lunch at our go to place Panini Cafe across from FIDM.

Always a fun outing with my fashion loving friends.

It's a lovely day in downtown Los Angeles and a very quick two block walk to the Metro stop where I meet my husband for our ride back home to Long Beach.  Another great day in our City of Angels, Los Angeles.
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