Thursday, May 25, 2017

Girl's Night In Hosted By Lynda

On Tuesday night this week my friend Lynda hosted a Mexican Train night at her home.
We arrived at 6:30. 
Seated: Our hostess with the Mostest Lynda

 Donna and Barb

 Karen and Jo

 Sherri and Maria

 Lynda's table looked so pretty 
She had these cute domino plates for our appetizers

 Jo's stuffed mushrooms
Donna's Asian flavored guacamole

 Lynda had made a great asian themed dinner: lettuce wraps with chicken, beef with brocolli and brown rice, delicious

This was Donna's first time playing Mexican train

 We all have a hard time remembering the rules. It's going to be a challenge to teach Donna!
 Sherri re-reads the rules to us... 


  "I still don't understand." 

 I think more drinks will help!


 Also Pralines will aid our memory of the game. Thanks to Karen who brought these back from New Orleans.
 Now we're talkin'.  Let the games begin!

Time for some dessert.  The old recipe called "The next best thing to Robert Redford" had been renamed "Ryan Gosling" for our "La La Land groupies"

After a night of wonderful food and drink and lots of laughter there is nothing left to do but this -

  You can make all the funny faces you want  Lynda but you are still the hostess with the mostest and the nicest friend to all.  Love you!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Day With Professor Forlino

On Monday May 22 my Italian classmates Isa, Mitra and Marion and I drove to Claremont to spend the late afternoon with our friend Dr. Marino Forlino.

It was a very hot day.  When we arrived in the village town we were early so we stopped for some treats at Le Pain Quotidian

Then we drove to Marino's house very close to the Scripps College campus.

He then took us on a very nice tour of the Scripps campus 

 We enjoyed seeing Marino's office.

We then returned to the Claremont Village and had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant called Il Mattone. 
 Here we are with the owner Davide who is from Le Marche in Italy.
 Yummy dinner

 Congratulations Professor Forlino for completing your first academic year at Scripps College.  We are certain you will have many rewarding experiences here in the years to come.  As you pointed out this translation on the Scripps College plaque "Incipit Vita Novi"  - a new life begins! Bravo Marino!

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