Monday, May 8, 2017

Girl's Night In

 On  April 20th I hosted a "Girl's Night In".  My friends Lynda, Maria, Sherri, Jo and Karen arrived for a taco dinner and a game of Mexican Train.

 The guests arrived at 5:00

 Here's Maria, Jo and me...

 Margaritas for everyone

 YOU can't hide from my camera Lynda!

 Pretty flowers from Jo's garden

 The taco bar

 We haven't played in so long we had a hard time remembering the rules!
 Rules, schmools, lets have another margarita!
 A beautiful dessert from Karen.  Yummy strawberry short cake. 

 The grand finale to a wonderful girl's night in

with my great girl friends!

1 comment:

Lynda said...

Spending time with you is always a celebration of friendship! Your always a ten in decor and detail which
makes for a grand time! We celebrate you my friend in this week of Mother's Day!! Cheers to the
best party planner and class historian around!!

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