Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Carol at has sent me this wonderful "Kreativ Blogger" Award. Thanks so much Carol. The instructions I have been given are to list seven things I like and then to nominate 7 other bloggers for this award to do the same.

Here are my Seven likes:

1. I like knowing I will be spending this coming Mother's day with my daughter, Aria, in Madison, Wisconsin.
Here she is in the middle of winter (brrrr, I hope it will be Spring weather by my arrival on Thursday!)

2. I like hearing the italian language. It's music to my ears. Imagine someone sending this love letter to you...with a thousand kisses!)

3. I like a nice, big, leather bag to carry when I travel.

4. I like the absolutely incredible hot chocolate at Angelina's Tea room in Paris.

5. I really like chocolate candy.

6. I like Champagne!

7. I like a "SPA" day!

Now here are the "seven" blogsites I nominate for this "Kreativ Blogger Award". This is the hard part because I read so many blogs that I really love. For all the other blogger friends I am sending you a Kreative Blogger Award hug from my heart!

1. Brenda at "That's My Story and I'm Stickin' To It

2. Jane at "Casey, Italy and Other Good Stuff"

3. Candi at Candi's Corner: Wanderlust and Passions

4. Palma at "Palmabellas Passions"

5. SandraK at "A Cappuccino a Day"

6. Marcia at Happy Trails for Us: My Reluctant Blog

7. Girasoli at Shave Ice and Gelato


Holly said...

congrats on your award Barb!

Marcia said...

Why thank you, Barb - not sure if I can live up to the award and actually carry this out - Happy Mother's Day in Wisconsin - I'm having mine with a daughter in Santa Cruz.

candi said...


Congrats on your award,your blog deserves the creativity award for sure.

Thanks for picking my bog, I feel honored to be listed among the blogs you have named:)

Laurie said...

Oo, we like many of the same things! You must be very excited to be going to spend time with your daughter! Congratulations on your award -- it is much deserved!

Anne said...

Congratulations, Barb! And well deserved too. I love your wonderfully uplifting and positive entries! Great choices on your nominations too. I'm not (yet!) familiar with SandraK's blog, but always enjoy reading the others.

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