Friday, July 31, 2009

Finding a Way

image karen harvey cox

"I cannot teach you how to pray in words...

and I cannot teach you the prayer of the seas

and the forest and the mountains.

But you who are born of the mountains

and the forest and the seas,

can find their prayer in your heart."

-Kahil Gibran, The Prophet


candi said...

Ah, I just love Khalil Gibran, and this is a wonderful piece, Barb. Thanks for sharing.

menehune said...

Amen. A wonderful thought to hold over a weekend. Have a good one, menehune

Anne said...

Thanks Barb, The Prophet is one of my absolute favourite books. What beauty and truth it contains, Gibran possessed such insight and wisdom.

Sandra said...

Beautiful thoughts by one of my very favorites, Kahlil Gibran. His passages are timeless. Love the photo too!

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