Sunday, September 6, 2009

HQ - Ti lascio una canzone - 'O sole mio: Trio Ginoble-Boschetto-Barone - Live

I may have posted this before but it's such a beautifully performed song. I hope it takes you to a happy place. It does for me every time I listen to it.


Kat said...

It does it for me too!


Sandra said...

Oh, Barb, such talent at such a young age, listening to them gave me goose bumps!! Possibly the future Italian singing star. That is one of my favorite songs. On our last night in Venice, in 2006, my sister and I were having dinner at a restaurant on the grand canal right near the Rialto Bridge, it was late, and a gondolier was going by, all alone, he broke out into a song, singing " O Sole Mio", it made our last night so special! Thank you for sharing this again.

barb cabot said...

Wow Sandra that is an incredible experience you had...really magical. Aren't you planning a trip there again next year? Oooh I'm jealous.

Sandra said...

Yes, we are planning to go the last 2 weeks in May, just to Venice. I can hardly wait:))

barb cabot said...

Sandra, that trip is going to be fabulous. Knowing you and your photographic talents the photo opportunities are going to keep you very busy and the outcomes will be nothing less than magnificent. Wonderful to look forward to such a nice vacation. I'm thrilled for you to be able to share this with your sister again.

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