Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy 93rd Birthday Dad

Let your soul stand cool and composed

before a million universes.
-- Walt Whitman
My father passed away last Friday July 9th. Still today I am wishing him a Happy Birthday in heaven. Love you dad.


menehune said...

So very sorry to hear about your Dad's passing. A great way to honor him with birthday wishes. May you also hold his spirit and love of his memories in your heart. Saying a prayer ..

BTW: I realized one of your past blog entries which was linked to a present post mentioned January 4 your family feted you - was it your birthday? Mine is January 2!

Holly said...

oooooo...your dad's b-day...this year we will have to celebrate FOR him...and, how will YOU do that young lady??

Trekcapri said...

Hi Barb, a very warm Happy Birthday wishes to your father in heaven.


barb cabot said...

Menehune, sharing a birthday month with you makes a lot of sense to me, soul sister.

Sandrac said...

Barb, I am so sorry for your loss. This is a lovely tribute, and a beautiful thought, for your dad.

girasoli said...

93! Wow! What a fabulous life he must have had and how lucky to have a daughter like you.

nancyhol said...

Aww, that is so sweet, Barb. Your Dad is no longer here in body, but he will be in your hearts forever.

Laurie said...

I'm so sorry, Barb. The love between you will never die. Hugs.

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