Monday, August 2, 2010

Seeking Another Travel Adventure


32 years ago, before we were married, Mike and I travelled together on a European adventure. We took trains and visited many countries. We biked in Holland, took pictures of each other in front of every major monument across the continent, ate our first rijstaffel in Amsterdam, walked ourselves silly in Rome, got very drunk with friends in Denmark and in general had a grand adventure.

A significant event happened on a long train ride from Zurich to Paris. We were seated across from a pretty, young woman. Our seats faced each other and eventually we all began talking, sharing thoughts and lots of laughter. She was Finnish and her name was Arja.* (pronounced Aria)She was living in Zurich but at that time her husband, Paul was studying in Paris. She was meeting him there. When we finally arrived in Paris her husband greeted her, she introduced him to us and they asked us to join them for a drink at a cafe. Little did we know that day would be the beginning of a life long friendship. One of the gifts of travel is chance encounters like this one which provide opportunities to meet people you would likely not meet otherwise.

Today we leave on another travel adventure. After 32 years we are finally making our way back to Zurich to visit Paul and Arja. Although we have managed to meet up with them at various times throughout the years it was never in their homeland. This will be a very special time for us all to share together. I can hardly wait!

Arja, Barb, Mike, Paul Fall 2009 Santa Monica California

After Switzerland we will be flying to Italy to continue our adventures...

Guess who'll be waiting for us to arrive?

Aria Summer 2010

Well, it will be our daughter Aria and guess who she was named after? (Though spelled a little differently from the Finnish spelling she was named after Arja* our friend from Switzerland.)
I will not be blogging while travelling but will continue to post here with pre-set selections. See you all when I get back.

"Adventure is worthwhile" -Aristotle


Holly said...

travel safely sweet friend!!

Jerry said...

Barb - that is a great story!

I hope that you have a wonderful vacation.

nancyhol said...

What a wonderful story! You must be so excited to be returning to your original meeting place. Have a great time!

Debra said...

Love your Arja/Aria story. Enjoy your much deserved new adventures!

Marta said...

Have a wonderful trip. This is a lovely story of long time friends - the best kind. Enjoy the reunion.

Nancy said...

Dearest Barbara,
I've just caught up on your posts from July and now August and felt such a range of emotions reading each one. I am so excited that you are out on a wonderful adventure with Mike and will imagine all of the joys you will experience until you return and tell me of your trip. Have a wonderful time. Love to you.

Sandra said...

Have a wonderful time and safe travels. Look forward to hearing all about your trip.

Loved the story of how you met your friends !

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