Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Path That Led to Portland

"Far away in the sunshine, are my highest aspirations... I can look up and see the beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead."- Louisa May Alcott

Oregon's beautiful coastal beaches
My cousins daughter Emi moved to Portland last summer after graduation from college. Knowing she was there was the impetus for her mom Pati, Pati's sister Jan and myself to choose Portland as the destination for our birthday getaway trip.

We loved Emi's little Christmas tree in her first very own apartment.

Here's Emi and her mom cooking for us.

We loved having tacos at Emi's house along with some great margaritas. After dinner we played
Bananagrams. Lots of fun family time together.

Emi was a wonderful guide....

Uhhh where did we park the car?

We liked celebrating our birthdays with Emi. Here she is with her Auntie Jan.

Pati lives in Vermont on the other side of the country. These were special times to be together with her.

Emi has a job here working with children in an after school day care program.

We are all so proud of Emi. She has great compassion for her work with children. It was easy to see how well loved she was by all the kids.

We also liked taking walks in her neighborhood of Sellwood, a suburb of Portland. (You can read about Sellwood in a separate posting on this blog.)

The houses are cute and the neighborhood is very quaint.

Here is the back porch of Emi's house. She has the downstairs portion of the two story home.

This is the view of her backyard.

It's a cozy place and a wonderful home to come back to after a day at work with the children.

We had fun stocking up her kitchen with utensils and various kitchen items. There is something very special about your first apartment on your own.

I like this photo of Emi fixing her mom's hair. Such a sweet mom and daughter moment.

We loved being a part of Emi's Portland journey. Wishing her great times in the months ahead.

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nancyhol said...

What lovely family memories. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Emi's neighborhood in Sellwood is indeed quaint. I would love living there!

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