Monday, February 4, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend at Slow Bowl 2013 Part 1

Some background

Slow Bowl is an annual event which takes place the weekend of the superbowl football game. On the weekend of "Slowbowl" many of my "Slow Traveler" friends gather to have some fun, reunite with old friends and meet new friends that share the joy of travelling.  We usually end up exploring different fun places in various areas of California. This year 50 of us gathered together for food, fun and wine tasting the weekend of Feb. 1-2-3. Friends came from many different areas of the United States and as far as Alaska.

Our destination this year was Los Alamos in Santa Barbara County.

*Los Alamos, Spanish for "the cottonwoods," is located approximately fifty miles north of Santa Barbara beside Highway 101.

It was a beautiful warm and clear morning when we left Los Angeles. It took about 3 and a half hours of leisure driving to reach Los Alamos from our home in Long Beach. This area is rapidly becoming a well-known wine producing area with vineyards stretching for miles on either side of town.

Our group booked all the rooms at the Skyview Motel. This is a rustic Western Americana themed place which resembled something from a 1950's movie. It actually was a perfect place for us as it is so conveniently located and is serene and peaceful on a hilltop overlooking ranches and vineyards and is just off the 101 freeway at Los Alamos. It has the feel of "The Bates Motel" as you enter up the hill.  It's funky in a good way and since this was the 2nd year our gathering was held here we knew it was a perfect setting for "party central" !

Mike enjoyed the view from here.

and I found a comfortable spot myself too.

This is Kurt the General Manager of Skyview* and his dog Indie, resident mascot.

We check into our room and greet other friends as they arrive.

Getting ready for a great weekend...the FUN is about to begin...

*For information about The Skyview Motel contact Kurt Jimenez :

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Marta said...

Thanks for posting all the great pictures of the event. It is the next best thing to being there.

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