Monday, July 29, 2013

A Long Time Ago

Some times there aren't any tangible photos to say this is what it looked like or I was there but in mid July 1967 my partners Holly, Pati and I owned a store called the Everyday Cartoon.  Somehow we heard that a weekend concert in Devonshire Downs meadows was going to be held.  Popular groups of the day like The Jefferson Airplane, the Doors, Canned Heat, the Mothers of Invention, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Steve Martin, The Merry Go Round  and many others were booked to play. We had a chance to set up a booth to sell things from our shop and so we reserved a space.  My recollection is that we sold alot of fresh flower garland hair wreaths with colorful ribbons and handmade dresses, love beads and brass jewelry.  It was a really fun weekend of music and merriment.  I wish I had pictures of that day but I guess I was just so into the moment I didn't think to take photographs.

Here are some photos I found that have a similar feeling of what people looked like and were wearing in the mid 1960's hippie culture.  It was a fun time to be young.

Janis Joplin around this time period. I saw her perform around 1968 in the gym at Cal State Northridge of all places. 

 Here   are a couple of posters I found on line advertising that weekend.

"The rarely mentioned July 1967 Fantasy Faire  Magic Music Festival, a two-day concert held in Northridge CA outside of Los Angeles, featured big-name acts such as The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and  the Fish, The Grassroots, Canned Heat, and Iron Butterfly. The concert took place on a 40-acre equestrian lot called Devonshire Downs, that was developed in the mid-1940s. Cal-State Northridge claimed the land for expanding the campus, but the site was again converted in 2001, this time into an industrial park.
We have a framed poster from the festival that is an original printing, by the artist Penny Havard. Measuring approximately 14.5" x 20.5", its in excellent condition! The colors are still so bright! Come into the shop to see this and other awesome rock art peices!!"-Comments from Facebook by the Rock and Roll Emporium

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