Thursday, August 22, 2013

La Dolce Vita-A Persian Feast By The Sea

Had a really wonderful time with friends this week on Tuesday evening.   Our friends Mitra and Fred hosted a wonderful Persian bbq on a warm summer night at their home. It was "La Dolce Vita" the sweet life just as depicted on Mitra's apron.

Mitra had been working hard all day cooking food and setting a lovely table for us on the patio overlooking the beautiful blue Pacific ocean.

 A warm and inviting atmosphere greeted us.

  Barb, Mitra and Marion   the "tre stagioni" ( three seasons is what we call our little italian study group)  We always have so much fun together.

Our husbands have a chance to have some fun with us this time. Here's Mike, Johnny (Marion's husband) and Fred (Mitra's husband).

The beach looks so calm and beautiful at sunset

Soon all the friends are here
Barb, Marion, Mitra, Isa and Judy (my wonderful italian classmates)

Here's our friend Isa

and here's our friend Judy

Time to toast our hostess Mitra

"Salute Mitra e grazie mille!"

Guys time to bbq!

While the girls relax

As the sun sets it's time to eat!

And what a feast Mitra has prepared

tomatoes, onions and mint

a fresh green salad

Persian chicken kebabs 

Here's the special persian flatbread and a wonderful eggplant side dish

roasted tomato halves

Bbq'd filet mignon steaks

Persian rice dish with saffron

Beef kabobs

What a fantastic meal!

After the meal time to relax and after the sun set we marvelled at the full August moon.   

Time to go inside for dessert  and 
lots of good conversation and laughs.

Mmmmm so many treats.

Many thanks to our dear friends
Mitra and Fred 
It was such a lovely evening!

Definitely  "The Sweet Life!" 

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Marion Barnett said...

Barbara, you captured the evening perfectly. The arrangement of the photos was perfect. Enjoyed the evening so very much, and enjoyed your blogging about it.

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