Sunday, September 29, 2013

Newport Beach California - A Perfect Escape

Getting Swept Away with a girlfriends day out Sept. 27, 2013

My friend Mitra had called me several days prior to say she wanted to steal me away at the end of this past week for a nice day out.  She said since my upcoming surgery was looming in the near future she wanted to spend a nice day out so that I could be relaxed and stress free. She picked me up early friday morning to start our adventure and this is what we did:

First we drove to the beautiful Fashion Island in Newport Beach

It was so nice and quiet in the early morning hours

First stop Pain du Monde for breakfast

After a long leisure relaxing time we were ready to do some browsing and people watching.

Fashion Island is such a lovely place to shop or simply just to sit and watch the world go by...

So many nice shops...

Time to move on to nearby Rogers Gardens. This is a must see is you are in the area.

There are so many beautiful flowers and home and garden accessories here plus they have seasonal items.  Lucky for us the Halloween fun has begun here.

We were able to sit in a shaded area after visiting the beautiful gift shop and just appreciate some quiet time is such a beautiful environment.  Then it was back to Fashion Island for lunch.

Mitra took me to one of her favorite places , Dr. Weil's True Food restaurant featuring delicious healthy organic foods.  It's a lovely open space

There's a great outdoor patio dining area as well

We both ordered the turkey burger with sweet potato hash and kale.  It was so tasty and delicious.

After this Mitra said we should definitely have a pot of jasmine tea (it's so soothing) and a piece of the special of the day dessert , squash pie.

We absolutely went crazy for this pie.  We said "squash pie" sounded so ordinary but we wanted to try it. The taste was simply divine. The crust and texture of the pie was not ordinary at all. In fact the taste of this pie was "amazing".  I think I will be having dreams about returning in hopes that they will feature this pie again.  It was really, really good.

Here we are with Matt Tobin, the executive chef for True Food Kitchen.  He surprised us with a visit to our table to ask us how we liked the pie.  We were so thrilled to be able to tell him we had just been discussing how wonderful the pie was.   It was so good that just talking about it now makes me want another piece. Do go to True Food Kitchen.  Not only are the menu choices varied and so delicious but everything is good for you and tastes great.  My new favorite place in Fashion Island too.

Time to head home and we decided to take Pacific Coast Highway to Long Beach. The sparkling ocean was  so beautiful in the late afternoon.

Thank you Mitra for such a nice day. It was so thoughtful and kind of you to plan for a perfect escape,   and also so thoughtful of you to say I'm going to take you to a great restaurant where you can eat really good food and be healthy and ready for your surgery.  A truly wonderful day.

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