Friday, January 17, 2014

A Touching Tribute

I love reading holiday family news letters.  This year I was especially touched by a particular passage, the last paragraph of an especially witty and well written letter. This is what it said:

     "Fifty-five years ago, a single woman welcomed her sister and her two fatherless boys under her roof.  We would call Aunt Kay's home our home for the next half-century.  Aunt Kay freely gave her time and treasures to help my struggling mother raise her two boys.  She never stopped giving throughout her 91 years and she never asked for anything in return.  In June, my Aunt was reunited with my mother in eternity.  If they were ever to reenter the ark with the other animals, two-by-two, it would surely have to be in each other's company. They were dedicated to each other as few marriages are.  How do you respond to a sacrificial gift like that?  By the grace of God, you pass it on."  - Brent Hanson*

*Thanks so much to Brent for allowing me to republish this portion of his family's holiday letter.  I so enjoyed every word written but it was this last paragraph that grabbed my heart..  I would have liked to have known Aunt Kay.

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