Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our Yearly Trip to FIDM

Every year for years my friends and I meet at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing) to visit the Museum for the Annual Art of Motion Picture and Costume Design exhibit.  


These are costumes from films released the year prior. Film costumes that were on display this year from movies like"  The Jersey Boys", "Malificent", "Theory of Everything",
"Into the Woods", "Mr. Turner", "Birdman" "Guardians of the Galaxy" " The Grand Budapest Hotel" and so many more. 

 All of us, John his wife Judith,  Penny, Wendy, my sister Jocelyn and  myself love every aspect of fashion and costume design. We've all been friends for years. John and I go back to college days when we "both" had long flowing hair. We have gone to each other's weddings, watched each others children grow up and have mourned the passing of our parents together as well. This year was especially poignant as we are celebrating the retirement of John and Judith and also their move from South Pasadena to the east coast.

 We arrive ahead of the others to sign the good-bye, Happy Retirement card.


Bitter sweet. We know we will all see each other again but perhaps just not as often. They are relocating very close to the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University  so we know we can always have a great "design" reunion at RISD, or in Boston or NYC. So very excited for their new adventure to begin! 

After the exhibit we always head to our favorite Panini Grill for lunch together.

This over the top cake was perfect for our farewell from all  the Project Runway fans.

All the best Judith and John! 

You take part of each of our hearts with you.

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