Tuesday, June 2, 2015

You Are Here

On Sunday we were invited to a back yard  family concert of our friends the Sanders.  Five musicians make up their band called "You Are Here".  It was the first time I have been able to attend one of their informal concerts. The band members consist of Tom on drums and Greg on keyboard  (friends of the Sanders family) and the guitarist is Mike Sanders. Mike's two eldest daughters Katie and Emily play multiple instruments and are the lead vocalists.  They play a wide range of music and they gave a completely delightful afternoon concert.  It was such a fun summer afternoon of great entertainment.

 Sisters, Emily and Katie wow the crowd

 We got there early and were impressed with the set-up on the deck. It looked very professional.

We were happy to get seats very close to the stage. Soon the seats filled up to capacity.

"You Are There" performed two 45 minutes sets.  

By the end of the concert they had the crowds up and dancing.

 So nice to be with the Sander's family. Below the two Mike's who co-coached our girls soccer teams many years ago.  Mike Sanders youngest daughter, Lucy (now living in Hawaii)  went to Middle school and High school with our daughter Aria. 
 We really enjoyed our afternoon backyard concert.  Thanks to Mike, Laura, Emily and Katie Sanders for inviting us to be part of this wonderful event. 

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RosaPantera said...

Hi Barb! Thanks so much for coming, I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. We have so much fun playing all different kinds of music :)

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