Saturday, December 14, 2019

Brunch with John

Among the holiday cards we use to receive every Christmas was one I especially looked forward to. It was from our friends John and Linda Stevens. Affixed to the front of the card was a photograph they had taken during the year. Sometimes it was a picture from a recent trip or some arty framed shot. Inside was a short message and often a poem that Linda had written. Linda sadly passed away a few short years ago. Her friendship and presence in our lives is deeply missed. We try to see John as often as we can. He and Linda were a wonderful duo. She was the lively, vivacious one and he was her audience, adoring and loving her greatly. It was a good marriage. Today we had brunch with John and he said he's been dreaming often of Linda lately. I said "Oh i believe that our loved ones visit us when they come to us in dreams." Then I added "I bet she leaves you signs of her visits, things for you to find that remind you of her, things that say I'm here with you." He looked at me and then said I have to show you something. He got up and handed me a notebook that he had found a few days ago. In it was the poem Linda had been writing for the Christmas card she was not able to send. It said:" I sit and eat good food, with flowers, and toys that tell the season and chimes that tell the hour and love across the table and smiles that say it all."

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Here's a photo of Linda and John and me a long time ago. I have known Linda and John practically my whole life. Knew them before I ever met Mike. After Mike came into the picture they would invite us to plays, concerts, art exhibits and to many dinners out. What a long and beautiful friendship with these two.

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