Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Harold The Bear

This bear was given to my dad by his devoted caregiver at the nursing home he lived in the last years of his life. My dad and the young caregiver had such great affection for each other. When my dad passed I kept the bear and saved him. Last year when my grand daughter was here I found the bear tucked away and brought him out for Sofia to play with. I have an assortment of toys and dolls and stuffed animals but Sofia was drawn to this bear and immediately named him “Harold”. Whenever we face time she asks to talk to Harold. If I bring him out she has amazing long conversations with him (I have to be his voice!) This Sunday I’m leaving on a trip to Dallas to visit the kids. Sofia asked me to please bring Harold to visit her. She told him “”Harold I am going to take you to my school so my friends can meet you and I’m so excited to see you and play with you.” Today I’m packing for the trip and must not forget to pack Harold. His first airplane ride! Gramma is chopped liver compared to Harold!

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