Monday, July 27, 2020

The Perks of Sheltering in Place with a 5 year Old

I am trying to hold on to these precious moments when I get to spend a couple of hours each day FaceTiming with Sofia. Under non sheltering days I know neither of us would have the free time to “play” together. Sometimes she is just silently building or drawing but I am sitting with her chatting as she works on things. In between the silent spaces I say what are you making now with the LEGOs? She says I’m making a gymnastic center and then she will ask my opinion on what else to include “should we have a coffee bar for the parents when they watch their kids exercise?” Me: that would be great! The next day the legos become a cabin or a hair salon and so goes our summer days together. I will remember these days fondly and the innocent way she stands up and says “look Gramma how big I am growing! “ and in my heart I say please don’t grow up too fast!

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