Friday, August 7, 2009

Just Remember

"Maybe one day I'll be able

to give myself a gold star for being

ordinary. And maybe one of these

days I'll give myself a gold star for

being extraordinary. And maybe one

day I won't need to have a star at all."

-Sue Bender


Trekcapri said...

Hi Barb, love this quote and the photo. I think what is most important is what is inside of us (our values, beliefs ...) and that is what motivates and drives us to do oridnary or extraordinary things in life. Once we realize that, we are unstoppable.

Thank you for having such an inspirational blog. Have a great weekend.

menehune said...

Love this post - the quote provides me today with an opportunity to think again about what's important. In one recent book I read, the author offered an interesting Rx to remind oneself when your 'nighties getting twisted' (a friend's saying) what's important to give attention to daily. His quote, which I use frequently was, "Will it really matter 5 years from now?" I find it helpful when thinking about stress triggers or worldly irritations or importance...mahalo for the reminder. menehune

barb cabot said...

Menehune, thank you for the quote you shared. I need to tell myself these things every now and then. These little sayings are so helpful. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anne said...

Wonderful reminder not to let ourselves waste energy on the unimportant stuff. I can get so bogged down sometimes, worrying about some trivial little thing, before I think to let it go. Thanks Barb, your entries are always so positive and uplifting! :)

barb cabot said...

Anne< I feel the same about your thank you back!

Sandrac said...

Barb, I love that! A wonderful thought.

girasoli said...

with all that is going on this year with budget cuts and the extra stress of more work/less help, I need to remember this and just let things go that I used to think were so important. I can only do what I can do. Some things really are not that important in the long run even though they seem so important in the moment. Great post!

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