Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Photo via "Wahine ukelele player"

My sister and her husband are vacationing in Maui this week. In her email today she said the following:

"Several people have called me "mama" on the island. I asked a man at the swap meet how much a fan was and he said, "One dollar Mama". Today at the market, the cashier I think in lieu of "Have a nice day"... said "Rock and Roll Mama". LOL.


candi said...

LOL! That is cute.

I hope your sister is enjoying Maui, it's been rainy on and off, and supposedly we are getting a storm, it's just started raining this evening, a good thing, the island needs the rain.

Anne said...

Very cute! Rock and roll mama cracks me up!

barb cabot said...

Hi Candi, Yes, they are having a great time and she did mention it was raining. It's just another "day in Paradise" for them while they're there. I'm so jealous!

Jocelyn said...

We had a great time snorkeling in Molokini this morning. So many fish in crystal clear water.

Yo Sistah Mama

Anonymous said...

That is so funny and I can just see Jocelyn laughing as she is telling/writing the story. I love it.

girasoli said...

That photo is pretty famous. I have seen it many times. Funny that your sister is being called Mama! I hope she some nice weather while in the islands.

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