Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Glad Game

In "The Wealthy Spirit" a book by Chellie Campbell she describes a childhood game her mother taught her called, "The Glad Game."

On days when Chellie came home from school complaining about something - a bully on the playground, a harsh teacher, a skinned knee, or difficult homework – Chellie’s mom would hug her, kiss away her tears, and then suggest, "OK, enough complaining. Let’s play 'The Glad Game.'"
“The Glad Game” is another name for a Gratitude List. “The Glad Game” helps you focus on what’s right in your world today, instead of what’s wrong. Chellie’s mom was a very wise woman, teaching her that no matter what your troubles, there are still plenty of things to be grateful for: a sunny day, good food to eat, a loving family, a house to live in, a family pet to love, a handful of friends to enjoy, and much, much more.
Chellie would follow her mother’s suggestion:
“I’m glad I have you as my mom."
“I’m glad the weekend is almost here."
“I’m glad I have some nice clothes to wear to school."
“I’m glad I don’t have to share my room with my sister anymore."
“I’m glad I get to watch TV when I finish my homework."
“I’m glad we have pie for dessert.”

Playing “The Glad Game” is a terrific way to change your attitude in a hurry. We all slip into self-pity once in a while – after all, we’re only human. The important thing is to cut the pity-party short and shift into gratitude. An attitude of gratitude will get you much farther in life than complaining and self-pity.
Try it and see.



menehune said...

Truer words never spoken ~ thanks for the reminder.

nancyhol said...

A lovely post, Barb! Thank you!

Sandra said...

Great post Barb, reminds me of when my children were young, if you asked them "what happened in school today" they always said "nothing". So, I started asking them, "tell me something that made you happy today at school" and that always got them talking.

Anne said...

Love this entry, Barb. I always find my heart lifted when I interrupt my self-pity and take a second to feel grateful for something. That moment usually leads to longer moments and more gladness and then - voila, my joy is restored!

Roxana, the AvidDiva said...

Barb, your post came to me at the exact right time. I am usually a very positive person and I love Halloween, so imagine my surprise when I did not feel right this weekend. I kept fighting the feeling and so today, I woke up with the flu and the day started with a big pity party.
I am a big fan of Chellie and her teachings. I also remembered that it is not what happens to you but what you do with what happens that makes you the person you are. Since I had to spend the day in bed anyway, I read and did research and writing in my laptop all day. I got a lot done. Had I kept feeling sorry for myself, I probably would have sat down in front of the TV and not done anything at all. Yes, it is about looking for the happy things, and if not, creating them within your circumstances.

barb cabot said...

Roxana so happy to hear you turned things into a positive. Glad this helped.

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