Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve Party

On New Year's Eve our wonderful neighbors Dave and Pam hosted a great dinner party. Dave is an italian american like Mike. They share a lot of things in common and one of their common interests centers around food. Both guys love to cook. The invitation stated the night would feature, pasta, lots of good wine and a pizza toss contest. The winner of this contest would be the recipient of a special prize.

As soon as we arrived Dave employed Mike's help in the kitchen. Fun to see the head Chef Dave and his sous chef Mike busy at work in the kitchen. Dave made homemade italian sausage. Something he had learned to do in his family owned italian deli business. The delicious smells from the kitchen were so good. Sauces boiling and bubbling, garlic bread in the oven, meatballs and sausages frying. Yum!

After dinner we all went out to the covered patio for the pizza tossing contest, with the promise of a prize to the winner. We wore white aprons and were given a ball of dough to toss into a pizza form...throwing it high in the air. Most peoples pizza took on long oblong forms or got thin and holey. Some dropped on the way down as they missed catching them. Mike was very meticulous about his. Everyone was having a great time and laughing so hard at our funny attempts. We were not eating these just trying to make a good pizza form for the contest. One of the guests put his in the fire pit and said he was going to bake the dough. We took turns wearing the aprons and flipping and tossing- 4 contestants at a time.

Guess what....."I WON" the contest.
The prize was a bottle of Limoncello from Sorrento. Beautiful bottle with a gold bow.
The reason why I won and it was a unanimous vote is because I flipped my pizza dough so high it never came down....It landed on the huge paddle of the overhead patio ceiling fan. Then the host turned the fan on slowly and we watched the overhanging dough get bigger and bigger. It was hilarious. I am so happy to have the limoncello. Come over for a drink!

The photos follow from the snapfish sight. Hope you can view be sure to click on the slideshow


menehune said...

What a hysterical story - the image of the dough hanging from the fan. Love a man who cooks! Happy New year. Hope 2010 is good to you. Look forward to reading your blog entries. m

Laurie said...

Oh, I wish I could come over for some Limoncello! What fun that would be! I loved this story -- your friends really know how to partay!

girasoli said...

That is soooo funny!! Congratulations! Great prize :)

I can't seem to find the link to the slideshow. Is there a photo of the pizza up on the paddle of the fan?

barb cabot said...

girasoli, If you scroll down past this entry to the one just prior there should be a link to snapfish for the album of photos (23 of them). There is one photo of the hostess Pam tossing her dough in the air and you will see a slight corner of the fan paddle. I didn't think about getting a photo of the dough on the fan unfortunately. It all happened so fast.

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