Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Want To Feel Like A Kid In a Candy Store?

Then get yourself to b.a. Sweetie ,the largest candy store in the U.S.A. ! *
That's exactly what we did during our winter vacation in Cleveland, Ohio.

It was a cold and snowy day when we set out for b.a. Sweetie. The vision of sugarplums, lollipops were dancing in our heads. Not even the giant snowflakes falling outside could hinder our quest for our candy adventure.

Entering the candy warehouse is pretty amazing. They have every candy you can imagine.

You can buy it by the pound, or by the bag or individually.

You will see some very funny packaging...

and some collectible candies as well.

We gathered some of our old favorites.

Charms remind me of when I was a kid.

I even found a Mountain Bar which I had not seen in a long time.

Lots of the favorites throughout the aisles...

and some I had never heard of.

But I do know "Sugar Babies" Love the packaging on those with the great graphics.

Anybody remember "Pop Rocks" from the 70's?

Here's a little stash of penny candies!

If you are in the Cleveland area and want to feel like a kid in a candy store, try b.a. Sweetie for a sweet adventure!

b. a. SWEETIE CANDY COMPANY INC.7480 Brookpark Road Cleveland, Ohio 44129

The largest candy store in the U.S.A.

Their website says this about the history of the store:

"b. a. Sweetie is open to the public and started back in 1950 as Bag-A-Sweet Candy located on Brookpark Road in Parma, Ohio. Started by Albert Tokar and his brother-in-law Frank Stasny, Bag-A-Sweet was primarily a re-bagger of bulk candy which was sold to local grocery, convenient, and drug stores. The bagged candy which sold for 19¢ to 59¢ each were delivered to the stores by a network of 8 independent distributors. ..Sweeties Candies is open to the public! For almost 60 years we have been serving the candy needs for retail stores, churches, schools, Municipalities, hotels, restaurants, and individuals. We carry the absolute largest variety of candy available anywhere and stock levels that are incredible. Our average inventory level is in excess of 300,000 pounds valued at over $1,000,000.00. No other candy retailer can make that claim! So if your needs are for 1,000 pounds of tootsie rolls for a parade or a half a pound for your belly we have it and we have it now! "

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Carol L McKenna said...

What fun! No calories too ~ right ~ LOL ~ carol and artmusedog ^_^

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