Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Great Mushroom Adventure

Among the gifts my husband received at Christmas from our daughter Aria was a kit to farm oyster mushrooms (the other was a kit to make Barola wine but that's another story).

About a week ago he started his little oyster farm. Every day he would mist the small box of soil and soon, very soon the beginnings of mushrooms started to appear. It was truly amazing to watch them grow almost before our eyes.

Tonight Mike was ready to harvest his "oyster" mushrooms. He had a plan.

Here he is. I think he looks very pleased with his first crop.

He wanted me to take a "before" picture of his mushrooms. Then he got to work cooking.

It didn't take long before dinner was ready. Here it is! He made a divine, out of this world mushroom risotto! Wow, I can hardly wait for the next batch of mushrooms to grow!

1 comment:

menehune said...

I love it that when your children get older, THEY feed our curiosity. Mike does look 'blissful'! Great job. I'm sure the risotto tasted just as good as the mushrooms looked.

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