Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day 2012

Here's to a Happy Valentine's Day and to "young love" no matter what your age.

I'm dedicating this Valentine post to my two daughters and the wonderful young men in their lives. May each of your hearts always be filled with the gift of true love.

Aria and Daniele

Athena and Mat

lyrics from " I'll Take Romance"

"I'll take romance,
While my heart is young and eager to fly,
I'll give my heart a try - I'll take romance.
I'll take romance,
While my arms are strong and eager for you,
I'll give my arms their cue - I'll take romance.

So when you want me, call me,
In the hush of the evening;
When you call me in the hush of the
Evening I'll rush to my
First real romance,
While my heart is young and eager and gay,
I'll give my heart away - I'll take romance."

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