Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adventures in Madison Wisconsin 2012

Had a wonderful time in Madison visiting Aria and Daniele Aug. 15-22.  Each day was filled with amazing sights and sounds and tastes.   Beginning with  today's post I will try to share  with you   fun things we experienced on our vacation in this great Capitol city of Wisconsin. 

"We LOVE Madison!" 

On Day 1 we had an easy flight to Madison with a brief layover in Denver.  Aria and Daniele met us at the airport which is a short easy drive to the city.

Once we checked into our hotel which was located right on State street we were off to walk the length of the street to the foot of the Capitol Building where a free jazz concert had begun.

State street is the main connecting thoroughfare from the University to the Capitol.  The street is lined with cute stores, side walk cafes and many pubs.  It is really a happening place!
This big glass building we are walking toward is the Museum of Contemporary art.

By  5:00 the street is filled with people with picnic dinners, vendors are selling pitchers of beer and the stage is set for performances by jazz bands and singers.  A very festive summer atmosphere to greet us on our first night.

We put up some chairs, toast with our first beers and enjoy the music. Great to be here with Aria and Daniele.

After some pitchers of beer (our first night of many)  we are ready for a stroll around Capitol square.  We are beginning to think about dinner. There are many choices with great restaurants all around us.
The Old Fashioned Tavern & Restaurant is hopping.  A great place for burgers and beer. Located on one of the corners of Capitol Square at 23 N. Pickney St.
Inside the Old Fashioned.  We made a short stop and then moved on...

Continue on down to 1 S. Pickney and you will find "GRAZE"  a restaurant with a very cool vibe and great views of the Capitol from inside

Here's a view from inside GRAZE.

We are not done walking and as we turn the corner away from the Capitol  we come across
Bellini's restaurant which is an old church which has been converted.  This is where we have dinner on our first night.

Can't believe we are in Madison with our girlie.  What a great first day!

Everything is so easy to get to around here.  We make our way down State street back to our hotel.  Time to hit the sack and get some sleep.  Aria and Daniele have a big day planned for us tomorrow starting with breakfast at their place.

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Holly said...

Thanks so much for sharing the highlights of your first day...looking forward to tomorrow!

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