Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thanksgiving in January

 My best friend Mary hosted a dinner party for my birthday on Saturday night.  Since Athena and Mat had not been able to celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday with a turkey dinner, Mary kindly offered to make the Thanksgiving traditional feast for the party.  She also kept her Christmas tree up after the new year so Mat and Athena could also celebrate Xmas with the family as well.  We had a great evening thanks to Mary!
Mat, Athena and Mary

The house felt cozy and warm with all the Xmas decorations around

My sister Jocelyn and her husband Vicente

Athena, Mat, Tim and Pauline

Mike, Randy and David

Mat helps light the table candles
Mmm Time to eat!

Thanksgiving and Christmas in January is a good idea!

Presents galore, lucky me!

Lots of jewelry fun!

Mary knew I really wanted this kitchen tool after the cooking class we took together.  Here's my "mezzaluna" for chopping.

Everyone get your three quarters out, time for rolling the dice and playing "Left, Right, Center"

Soon all the quarters went to the big winner my nephew Tim!

Next a round of Apples to Apples

After the games time for dessert.

What a great birthday celebration with my family and friends. Thanks Mary and David for hosting a wonderful birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas party in January! 


Anonymous said...

WOW - what a wonderful time! How happy for you to spend time with friends and family - so many joyful memories.

Holly said...

WOW - so much fun! I think that I want to be YOU!!

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