Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Day in Dana Point California

On Saturday morning March 2, we drove south along Pacific Coast highway to Dana Point. Our plan was to spend the day at the annual "Festival of Whales". Dana Point has held a Festival of Whales since 1972. This celebration is held over two weekends in March.   

We parked on the bluffs at Creek Park overlooking million dollar properties and the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. This was the staging area for the annual "Whale Parade".  

*"Dana Point is situated on the beautiful Southern California coast, halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles. 

*It prides itself with nearly seven miles of coastal bluffs and rolling hills along the Pacific Ocean with its charming beaches and wild surfs. 

*Most noteworthy of these bluffs is a unique promontory known as the “Headlands”, which overlooks Dana Point Harbor, one of the most significant manmade alterations of the Orange County coastline.

*Dana Point encompasses 6.5 square miles and is home to 33,351 people and numerous businesses, all working together as one community. You can see this collaboration in action during some of the City’s annual festivals and events such as the Turkey Trot in November, Festival of Whales in March, Concours D'Elegance in June, and its 4th of July fireworks show. 

*The City is home to the Dana Point Harbor, the newly opened Ocean Institute presenting a wide array of marine life, to several beautiful lodging facilities and restaurants to accommodate your special needs.

After taking in the scenic view from high above the harbor we made our way through a serene neighborhood   down a pathway to the harbor itself. We passed some pretty homes on our walk to the harbor.

When we arrived at the harbour we looked for Harpoon Henry's, one of the many restaurants in the area.

My slowtraveller friend Tery and her husband Greg are part of a Rock 'n Roll band called "Delta 88's" and they were performing by Harpoon Henry's as part of the days festivities.

We found them shortly after they had begun their first set at noon.

Here's my friend, Tery belting out a tune and this woman can really sing!  Loved sitting in the warm sunshine listening to some good ol' rock n' roll.

Tery (lead singer, me and Greg (Tery's husband and one of the guitarist's)

Here is Tery with her three grandson's. These little guys sat in the front row and loved seeing their "nonna" and grandpa perform.  Not many little kids can say my grandma and grandpa are in a rock n roll band.

After listening to the band we had a fun time strolling through the marina , looking at lots of art works and people watching. Lots of nice outdoor dining spots and many places to sit and watch the kayakers, boaters and enjoy a day in the sun. 

It was a fun day for us the 2nd of March in 80 degree weather. Felt just like a perfect "summer day" in Spring!

*Dana Point is named after Richard Henry Dana, Jr., a Harvard-trained lawyer, seaman, and author of the classic sea journal, Two Years Before the Mast. His writings document the voyage from Boston around Cape Horn to California on the merchant ship, Pilgrim, and describe the area once known as Capistrano Bay, as “the most romantic spot on the California Coast”. Today, Capistrano Bay is home to Dana Point. Another fascinating area commonly known to many as Monarch Bay, is also known as Dana Point. " -http://www.danapoint.org

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