Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Lovely Morning Tea by the Sea

My daughter Aria was visiting us for four days, March 22-26. On the morning of her last day in Long Beach my friend Mitra invited us for morning tea. We sat on her patio which has a stunning view of the blue Pacific. The table was set beautifully with lovely flowers, fresh fruit and a selections of goodies along with tea and coffee.

My friendship with Mitra began through our mutual love of the italian language. We met in our italian class and have become close friends over the years. We meet at least four times a month for italian class and for our private study sessions together.

A few summers ago   Mitra was spending a summer study session in   Florence, Italy where Aria was living.  They were able to meet  spend some happy times together that summer.  This was such a nice reunion  for both of them and so kind of Mitra to plan this delightful morning tea to for us.

We were all so happy that my sister, Jocelyn, was also able to join us.

After tea Mitra had a surprise gift for Aria.

Mitra explained that when she saw these embroidered towels she immediately thought of Aria's upcoming wedding in June and wanted her to have them. They are so cute!

"They fell in love"

                                                          "They got married."

                                                         "They lived happily ever after."

   Thank you Mitra for all the love and thoughtfulness you put into making this last day of Aria's visit so nice. It was a very lovely morning tea by the sea.

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Lynda said...

What a wonderful way to spend your last day with Aria!
She looks so happy!

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