Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy 26th Birthday Athena


This is a little something I found recently from Athena

"Date: Thursday, April 9, 2009, 3:26 AM
Hi mom,
Just had some happy thoughts: Remember those huge Katella Deli cookies with sprinkles that you used to buy me? Oh...I love those! I just thought about them. And remember how I used to always order chicken tenders wherever we would go out to eat...even at mexican food places.  And remember when you used to let Aria and I wrap scarves around your knees, drawing smiles and batty eyelashes with your lipstick? I was also thinking about how nice it was when we would go to McDonald's after my morning Kindergarten classes. I was thinking about our trips to Mother's Bay and how sweet it was. Oh my,and helping Aria's Girl Scout troup sell cookies. I had a very happy childhood. 

Thank you mom."

It has been a gift to watch you grow up.  Twenty-six years went by all too fast but what fun we shared.  Here's a little look at some of our fun times as you grew up before our eyes. 

It was a hot labor day weekend when we brought you home.

You were always a happy little kid

Well, almost always...

Lots of summer vacations home to visit dads family in Ohio

Home for Uncle Rock and Aunt Mary's wedding

Lots of summers at the bay

Nature Center walks

Family game night with your favorite game. 
 (If anyone else picked the pepperoni card you'd say "I don't want to play anymore!"

Aria gave you your first thrill ride!

We did a lot of camping trips

So many many Halloween costumes

Just being together was always fun.  "FAMILY"
Helping dad make pizza was a great beginning for you. Now you are an expert!

Always a little poser

 Holiday pumpkin carving

Decorating Xmas Gingerbread houses

Putting barbies to bed

All those birthday parties were so much fun

The beginning of your surfing days started with a boogie board from Target

We loved our summer   vacations



Can't forget our trips to Knotts Berry Farm and of course
Our Yearly passes to Disneyland. What a treat to pick you up from school and head to the happiest place on earth.  Those were the days!

Then there were all those years of organized sports. LBYSO soccer, and seasons of Heartwell park, softball, basketball and indoor soccer and volleyball.  

Many many wonderful memories we share together Athena.  What a gift you are to us. A loving beautiful daughter.  It's been a true joy being your parent. 

 Here's to many more years of happy times together.  
Wishing you even greater joys than you have known before.

I love you Athena! 
"Happy Happy 26th year!"

Love, Mom


Lynda said...

What a beautiful childhood! Thanks for sharing those great years and here's to many more new ones! Happy birthday Athena!

Sherri Cassara said...

How fun to look at all those old photos! What great times :)

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