Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Girl's Night In

AKA Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun
On Friday October 16th I hosted a Mexican Train party for five of my friends.  We started the night with margaritas and ended the night with limoncello. In between there was lots of food, laughter and fun. Another unusally warm summer like night in the Fall.

 Lynda and Jo

 Me and Jo "Here's to great friends!"
Lynda, Maria, Karen, Jo and Sherrie

Now that everyone's here let's play "Mexican Train!" 

 Only one problem...does anyone remember how to play this game?

I don't think the rules matter any more. Let's just have another margarita shall we?  
Ooops, maybe not!

Better have dinner instead!

 Desserts time with eclairs and a
 fruit tart

 End of the night toasts with Limoncello
 My lovely friends are so very thoughtful and generous.  Everyone came bearing gifts.  So sweet and dear.

 Thanks to all my wonderful girl pals. 

You are all amazing!
"Remember that!" 

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