Friday, June 10, 2016

Thursday and Friday June 9th 10th Family Fun

On Thursday June 9th we ate lunch at Baja Sonora and strolled along Main street in Seal Beach.

 Stopped at the playground so gramps could push Sofia on the swing.

 She wasn't sure at first if she liked it

 A look of complete horror crossed her face

In the end  she liked it!

 As we were leaving Seal Beach we bumped into Athena's good friend from elementary school Lisa and her boyfriend.  It was a great reunion.

 At home everyone can relax and Auntie Athena and Sofia can be together.

On June 10th we revisited the Long Beach Museum of Art where Athena and Mat were married. It was a nice sunny day and we took advantage of the free admission for this day to the current exhibit. 

 Sofia had fun with the art that said, "Touch me" 

We had lunch at the new Pacific City shopping area in Huntington Beach.

Lots of time to relax at home and play with Sofia

Love having the family altogether. What a gift!


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