Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Fun Day Out With Our Friend Rob

Our friend Rob was in town for a few days earlier this month. We were able to spend a brief few hours with him before he caught his flight home to San Francisco.  
My cousin Nancy was with Rob and myself for a quick tour of Long Beach. First stop for lunch at Gypsy's on the pier. 

 We visited the "La La Land" El Cordova apartments on 3rd. Street

 and a wonderful Greene and Greene Craftsman style home at 852 E.  Ocean Blvd. "This long structure covers the entire cul-de-sac block of First Place and is known as the Adelaide Tichenor House for its first owner. It was built in 1904 and 1905. One of three homes in Long Beach designed by the famed architect brothers Charles and Henry Greene. This building pioneered the influence of Japanese design and orignally had a japanese garden as well as original furniture completely designed by the architects. (most are gone today). The construction of cliner brick panels built from discolored or misshapen bricks set in wood timbers is unique quoted Stan Poe a local historian and president emeritus of Long Beach Heritage. Tichenor, the home's first owner was an influential civic leader.She founded the Ebell club, the city's public library and the Tichenor Orthopedic clinic."

 We tried the new "Doc's Pie" shop on the corner of PCH and Main street in Seal Beach (I will blog about that separately for more info).

Then home in time for Rob to spend some time with Mike before this flight.

Great to have this chance to see our dear friend Rob!

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