Friday, July 14, 2017

A Mid Year Belated Birthday Celebration

The "Tre Stagioni" 

 Yesterday my friends Mitra and Marion treated 
me to a belated birthday celebration. It began with a lovely
 lunch at Antonello’s Ristorante across from
 South Coast Plaza.
 We were a bit early so we walked around the
 shops by the restaurant and we relaxed from
 the heat of the day under a shady tree. 

We discovered Mitra's secret shop! 
Time for our lunch reservations.


 We had such a great time celebrating our friendship together. Lots of laughs as always all through lunch.
Now my big bday was in January but Mitra could
 not attend my surprise party so she and Marion 
have been  planning this special day out for
 a long time. 

 After lunch we drove to the City of Orange where
 there are lots of antique shops. We had fun 
browsing through all the fun items.  

By mid afternoon it was time for reservations at 
a special tea salon.  
Tomorrow I will tell you how our adventures unfold
 when we visit:
                    "Paris in a Cup!" 

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