Sunday, March 27, 2011

Can You See What I See?

My friend Jerry posted a photo of his bowl of ice cream on Facebook. When I look at this ice cream I can see a face. Can you? Here's how I see it: To see the face you must only look at the right side of the bowl. Think of the center divide of chocolate as the dividing line of the face. Do not look at the left of the chocolate. The top right white swirl frames the persons brow line and the gaze of the person is looking right, the curve of the white continues down on the right to frame the outline of his face, so that you see a hint of his nose and a subtle whisp of a down turned mouth. I tried to draw what I see in the next picture. Here is the simulation of the face I see.

Just wondering , "Can you see what I see?"


Jerry said...

It is more noticeable when the pic is tiny. You have a good eye!

Sandra said...

Wow, after I saw your drawing, then I saw the face. You have a very creative mind, but then I knew that!!!! :))

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