Thursday, March 24, 2011

Within Reach

"You created the stories in your mind that continue to empower your limitations.

Those beliefs create your reality and your outcomes. As you created those stories and

beliefs, you can let them go now. Just let them go.

The Past is gone, it is over. You cannot change it.

This is a new moment. Use it wisely!...

What is your Dream, your Passion, your Vision, your Purpose?

You have to nurture it, protect it, perfect it, and make it real.

You must take action."

-Lee W. Papier

1 comment:

Sherri Cassara said...

Catching up on reading blogs this morning... I LOVE THIS POST!!!! This is something that I am interested in ... how we listen to the wrong narratives and make up stories that hinder us. We can change that!!! I would love to have the 'Are You Happy' poster- it says it all!
Thanks for sharing this! xo

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