Thursday, March 5, 2015

Celebrating With Helen

When I called my mom's best friend Helen on monday to wish her a Happy Birthday it was pouring down rain. If she had said she had no plans that day I would have driven through the downpour to be with her. She said she was going to be celebrating with her daughter and family that night. We then planned when we could be together and she said she doesn't really like to go out much anymore but that she would love to spend time with me. So we planned on today, Wed. to meet. I said I'd love to bring her lunch and just sit and be with her. (She loves to do jigsaw puzzles, like me!) I spent the most fantastic day with Helen, reminiscing, talking about her life,my mom and dad, her husband, how she still misses her mom after all these years who lived to be around 96. Helen's sister lived to be 100. I brought over sushi and teriyaki chicken, dessert, chocolate truffles, and flowers and she made tea for me. We laughed and joked around as I marvelled how clear she is. She remembers more than most young people and she is so spry and joyous and lively. I brought my ipad so we could listen to her favorite singers on Pandora. Every time Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra would come on she'd say, "I love that song!" We spent a long time on her new jigsaw puzzle. She said "Someone gave me two new jigsaw puzzles and now I feel a lot of pressure to finish them. " That really made me laugh. I said, "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll have lots of time to get these done. " She turned 98 this past Monday, March 2nd. Totally inspiring and amazing Helen. I love her so much!

Happy 98th Birthday Helen! You are a true gift and a blessing in all of our lives.  


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