Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy 98th Birthday Helen

Celebrating wonderful Helen over the years. 
 Some memories:

Saturday August 10, 2013  What do you do when your late mother's  best friend says she'd like to spend some time with you and that the time should be sooner than later? That question was posed to my sister and me by my mother's most delightful and clear minded best friend Helen this week. We did spend this precious day with Helen.  What a treasure she is in my life. 

  When I asked her what if felt like to be 95 she laughed and nudged me and said, "I'm 96!" She's as spry and funny and sweet as ever. I was the one walking with the cane and she said to me as she held the car door open, "Here let me help you Barbara!" OMG she did help me. We spent a great day together reminiscing and laughing. She said, I just love to hear you girls laugh. Helen has known us all our lives. My mom and dad were best friends with Helen and her husband Tad. We took family vacations together, and grew up with her children attending church together and spending many a Friday and Saturday nights at their homes for family meals and parties. Today we relaxed and finished a jig saw puzzle with Helen (she always has a jigsaw puzzle in progress that she is working on) and we sat with her and watched her favorite Korean soap opera. Dinner was her favorite take out sandwiches from Philippe's French dip from downtown L.A.  

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