Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 5 More Touring and a Hike

On Saturday August 8th we got up early for a morning hike with a group of about eight  Madison mothers, fathers and babies. The group meets weekly to take hikes around Madison.  They are  called "Hike-a-Baby".  We had a lot of fun hiking with so many nice young families to Picnic Point which is not far from the apartments where we live.

 In the afternoon we took a drive to a town called "Monroe" , a very quaint town with a main square.  There is a beautiful brick building with a tall clock tower right in the middle of the square.  
Here's an aerial view of the town of Monroe:

The square reminded me of a scene from the movie "Back to the Future".  

 Downtown's Monroe's "Courthouse Square" is in itself a destination with it's montage of historic facades. At the center of it all is the Historic Green County Courthouse, with a soaring 120 foot tower and a clock steadily marking the passing of time since 1891.

It is a very cute town with an old fashioned theater,

 plenty of antique stores and cute shops

 good cheese shops,

 a fantastic coffee and dessert shop called "Chocolate Temptations"  

 Monroe has such a cute old fashioned theater and then there was Minhas the "Oldest Brewery in the Midwest"

 The brewery is also home to the "World of Beer Memorabilia" on permanent exhibit.

 It was a long day for Sofia but she was a real trooper.  After dinner Sofia had a bath and then she was ready for bed.  Such a good little baby.

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