Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mariko Comes To Visit

When my cousins daughter Mariko visited in early September we all gathered to welcome her.

  It was a fun time for all the family to be together. Nancy made tacos and everyone brought lots of good dishes to add to the mexican themed dinner.

Cousin Ann's corn and jicama salad was a big hit

 Cousins Jocelyn and Nancy

 Nancy was frying tortillas on a hot summer night

 Cousins Nancy and Barb

 Nancy and Tom
 A package arrives

 A sweet mom and daughter moment

 Sisters Peggy and Ann

 Antonia a long time family friend arrives

 Time to eat!

 Uncle Renso and Antonio eating chicken wings on the couch....cheating!

 Then the electricity went out...

 Nancy started lighting candles

 It was exciting and in the end rather special

Three yummy desserts: Jocelyn's chocolate cake, Nancy's flan and Ann's apricot ice cream were perfect endings to a wonderful dinner.

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