Friday, November 6, 2015

Cousin Pati Comes to Town

My cousin Pati came to visit us from Vermont for a week in October.  We had a great time with family reunions, lunches, dinner and outings with family while she was in town.

On the 7th of October we met our Uncle and Aunt for a dim sum lunch in Cerritos.

On October 8th we took flowers to Rose Hill Memorial Park where her parents and mine as well as many    family members are buried.

Then from there we drove to my brother's house where we had a nice reunion with his family and our friend Mary Ann, who was visiting from Charleston.

 Kicking off our evening Happy Hour at Randy's bar

Then we went to a big Asian Buffet in Monterey Park for dinner

 Cousins reunited

On Friday Oct. 9 we got together with our cousin Ann

On Saturday we had a fun time at an art opening in Whittier for two of our cousins.  I will post that gathering tomorrow on my blog. Stay tuned.

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