Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

We were ready for the Trick or Treaters. I threw together a last minute costume and glued some rhinestones onto a pair of glasses I got at the dollar store.  Mike asked me what I was and I said "I am a '50's BLING girl" for lack of a better explanation. My sister however came up with a much better explanation. She said "You look like a cross between Minnie Mouse and Dame Edna!"
  I think she's right.

 and here's the Old Guy  I live with:

Our little one year old neighbor Nolan who was a Minion last year transformed into "Daniel Boone"

 All the next door neighbors are ready to party. Nolan's daddy is "Cousin Eddie" from the "Christmas Vacation" movie. I think he really captured Cousin Eddie's look.
Here's actor Randy Quaid as Cousin Eddie.

 More neighborly fun family time with Tiffany's mom and dad.

Our neighbors to the other side are "The Pirates" Darlene and Lenny. They're off to a Pirate themed party.

Then of course we have been following our own family's Halloween antics in Madison.  Sofia was a Little Lady Bug for her very first Halloween party. Here are some pics of her with Superman daddy and Kitty Kat Mommy and friends.

 Sofia getting her rest before her Lady Bug transformation.

Sofia is saying, "Who turned off the lights? Mamma I can't see you!"

Sofia with her tuckered out shark friend Dean

Happy 1st Halloween Sofia!

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