Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Orleans One Year Ago Day 1

I never got around to posting about my trip to New Orleans last year with my friend Mitra so here goes.  We spent 5 incredible days of fun and merriment in this city.  We packed in a lot of touring, a lot of eating and plenty of drinking too.  We had so many laughs it was hard to contain ourselves. Our sides ached with laughter especially after a couple of hurricanes, but more on that later. These posts will be long as it contains a full days worth of having fun.  So begins our trip to Louisiana:

We took a red eye flight leaving at 11:30 from LAX. Mike drove us to the airport  early. It was a beautiful sunset that night.  A good omen that the days ahead would be perfect and they were.

Lots of time to kill before our 11:30 flight. Mitra had a great idea and we headed straight to the bar to get some beers. 
 Yippee a nice way to start the vacation!

 The flight was smooth and we landed in the wee hours of the morning.  We left our bags at the hotel as it was too early to check in.
 From our hotel we could look down the street and see the famous Cafe Du Monde. We headed straight there for some world famous chicory coffee and those famous beignets covered with powdered sugar.

 The place was completely silent with only a handful of patrons

 It will be a rare occasion that anyone sees Cafe Du Monde empty like this. We will pass by this place many times during our stay and their will be long lines down the block with every seat inside and out filled with tourists.  We relished this quiet haven  with our hot coffee and delicious hot beignets.

 The sun was just rising as we took our first walk around the city center. Our first walking tour doesn't start until 8:30 and our hotel check in time is 4:00.

 We stopped in to check out the Carousel bar at the Hotel Monteleone. This is a place we have heard about.  The bar at this early hour is closed but we rest in the beautiful lobby of the hotel.

At 8:00 we go to the Jean Lafitte National Park Visitor Center for a free Riverfront History Stroll.  This is a 1 mile walk by the riverfront.

 Our guide gives us some of the history of New Orleans before we start our walk

 This saying is completely true.  The food is incredible. So many wonderful places to eat-so little time.

 Walking by the riverfront gives a great view of the Mississippi river and the important job this body of water plays in the livelihood of New Orleans

 At noon this is the same Cafe Du Monde we were at this morning. It is packed.

This is the line down the street waiting to get in to Cafe Du Monde.

We relax poolside at our charming hotel "Place d'Armes" located in the heart of the French Quarter. A perfect location and a lovely hotel.

Mitra chooses to remain at the hotel poolside and I walk down the street to the 1850 Museum store at Jackson Square   (523 St. Ann street) to join with the Friends of Cabildo for a 2 hr. walking tour of the French quarter.

 Our tour guide gives us the history of many of the buildings and statues of the main square.

 Making mental notes to take Mitra back to some of these places for candy and for the best most famous
Muffaletto sandwiches at this place: The Central Grocery store. Look at the lines!

 I finish the day by touring the 1850 Museum house

Back at the hotel we can now check into our room and relax until our 6:30 reservation at  Antoine's featuring a special 175th anniversary 5 course menu of classic dishes.  Mmmm we are ready!

 We're having a great time here!

 We've asked our waiters if we can tour Antoine's 15 memorabilia packed rooms and they gladly point us in the right direction to explore to our hearts content.  Wow, pretty impressive private dining rooms.

 The wine cellar

 We had a short walk home and as it was St. Patrick's day we walked smack dab into the middle of the St. Paddy's parade.

 A festive way to end our first day in New Orleans. 

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