Monday, March 21, 2016

New Orleans One Year Ago Day 5

On our last day we had no real plans other than to relax at the hotel and check out by 11:00.  
A nice breakfast on Saturday morning March 21st, 2015 poolside at Place d'Armes.

 As our flight home was not scheduled to depart until 7:45 P.M. we had lots of time to enjoy the city. We checked out at 11:00 and left our bags so we could take a long walk around the French Quarter.

 Found the place where Tennessee Williams lived. The streetcars are named after the streets they run on.
There is really a street named "Desire"on which a streetcar in New Orleans runs.

Tennessee Williams resident is now this store front.

The neighborhood homes were quite colorful and interesting

 Streetnames are on the ground

 We wandered back to Jackson Square. It was a bustling area and felt like Disneyland on this busy Saturday morning full of tourists.

 Back at the hotel we were able to relax  by the pool

 I took a walk down the street to the Central Grocery Store and got us our muffaletto sandwiches and a couple of beers. 

 It was the best sandwich and we were so happy to taste the authentic and famous Muffaletto

 Yummy! A must try when you are in New Orleans.
We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying a quiet peaceful time and even managed to study our italian lessons.

Our cab picked us up at 5:00 and we made our way to the Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans. Time to head home.

Our getaway to New Orleans was a really fun and memorable adventure. We take away the great city motto:


 Mitra and Barb's Great New Orleans Adventure!


1 comment:

carol l mckenna said...

I found your blog again and here you are in one my favorite cities ~ My son went to school at Tulane so we visited several times ~ Loved the muffelatas (spelling) and a beer sounds great too ~ Hope you had some beignets???

Beautiful photography that brought back warm memories for me ~ thanks.

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

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