Friday, August 12, 2016

Festa Italiana

On Sunday June 5th (Sofia's real birthday) we met up with friends Kathy and Bill and Sara at "Festa Italiana" which took place in the countryside near Madison. It was a beautiful sunny day.

  There were tents set up selling food, souvenirs and drinks.  
 It was a nice gathering with a lot of music in the air

 We ate good italian sausages, pasta and pastries.

 In one tent they had photograph displays of Italian families that had immigrated to this area of Madison. Showing Italian pride and unity that still bonds these Italian families in Wisconsin.  Very touching.

 There were Bocce ball games in one area.

 In the tented area this local well known entertainer sang many famous Italian tunes and was a great Dean Martin impersonator.

After the festa we had an appointment to take Sofia's first birthday photos. Drove home for a quick change and off we went.

 Hey what's going on?

 Not sure what Mommy and Daddy are up to.

 There was a birthday cake she was supposed to smash, but she really didn't want to dive into it.
In the end she was just happy to smile and be done for the day.

Happy Birthday Sofia!

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