Friday, November 4, 2016

Halloween 2016

We got home from Sunset beach  in time to join our next door neighbors Doug, Tiffany and their  2 1/2  year  old son  Nolan  for a little Halloween fun in their front yard.  Nolan was dressed as the cutest fire man driving his fire truck (his mom Tiffany made this costume). He loves any kind of truck!

We love our neighbors

Here is Nolan's mom Tiffany "cookie monster".  She is expecting their second child in December.  We can't wait to meet the new baby next door!

 Nolan's little friend Jax was there too. He was a cute little cowboy!

Tiffany's parents Tootie and Ed whom we love too!

Across many state lines our kids were happily celebrating Sofia's 2nd  Halloween.    We wished we could have been in Missouri to locate the "Waldo Family"

 Hard to believe how Sofia has changed in one short year from her 1st Halloween as a lady bug to a toddler "Waldo".
Here's the link to our Halloween one year ago. Time sure goes by quickly.

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