Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Visiting Little Saigon, Westminster California

My friends Marion, Mitra and I spent a wonderful day Friday,  November 4th, exploring Little Saigon in Westminster California. Visiting Little Saigon is a wonderful day trip. Filled with sights, sounds and smells that intrigue and delight.

 The supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, the statues- all transport you to another part of the world. 

 For me it's about the food and shopping. Loads of places for pho, vermicelli, Asian BBQ, Chinese food, bakeries, yum. Also great grocery shopping at the Asian supermarkets, nail supply stores, electronic stores and more.
 This is the largest Little Saigon in the United States.  There are phenomenal choices for restaurants, grocery stores and bakeries.

 Marion's wonderful Vietnamese friend Loan  offered to be our tour guide for the day. Our first request some great Dim Sum.  

our guide Loan (L), Marion and Mitra


We are loving our delicious lunch!

 Now to shop and sight-see.

 There are also great places to shop for unique or difficult to find herbs and asian food items.

 Mitra is thrilled with her new grass mat.


 We stop at this altar where fortunes are told
 You hold a can of numbered sticks and you shake the can until one stick falls out. 


 This number on the stick guides you to a corresponding box with your fortune.
 Find your numbered box and pull out your fortune.

 Loan translates our fortunes for us.

 A whole wing of jewelry stores...
 Many small fast food and selection goodies to eat on a budget. They also have many drinks such as sugar cane, avocado, etc

 Lots of trinkets

 Loan shows us a giant statue of Tran Quoc Tuan a great warrior in Viet Nam

 Wonderful to have someone that can share the valuable history of this Southeast Asian country.

 Time for a foot massage. One hour for $20.00.  What a deal!

 Refreshed we are ready to do some grocery shopping.

 We had an unforgettable day with  Loan.  We saw so many interesting places, tasted wonderful food and thoroughly enjoyed Little Saigon.  We are fortunate to have a wealth of diverse cultural experiences nearby. America is a true melting pot of many people from around the world. So happy I am getting to know this unique area of Southern California.  
  Thank you so much Loan!

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