Saturday, November 12, 2016

Happy BIrthday Marion Part 2

The celebration continues...

We journey five minutes away from our lunch at Bottega Romana to the nearby authentic Italian caffe`bar  "Roman Aroma"*. 
 We are excited to share this wonderful place with our friends Marion and Judy. So many delicious treats are here. Everything is simply delicious!

 We order many treats...

 Can you tell we are happy campers?

We are happy to see Francesco Martone, the owner of Roman Aroma.  He is, as always, charming and welcoming.

  Many thanks to Francesco and Roman Aroman for helping these Italian loving gals continue their happy day with Marion..
The adventure is not over yet. Now as we leave Roman  Aroma we are just a short distance from our friend Jurgen's beautiful gift  shop,
"Corners of the World" in Palos Verdes...See tomorrows post for Part 3.

*Roman Aroma
901 N. Catalina Ave. Suite 100
Redondo Beach, Ca.90277

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