Friday, January 16, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy

"Courage does not always roar

Sometimes it is a quiet voice

at the end of the day, saying...

"I will try again tomorrow."

-Mary Anne Radmacher


Holly said...

Thank you Mary Anne Radmacher. Thank you Barb Cabot!! You keep me grounded.

Annie said...

Love the photo AND the quote!

Glad that you're up for the February blog challenge! It was a lot of fun last year.

barb cabot said...

Hi Annie, Yes I'm up for the challenge and i'll be following your blog as well. It'll be fun!

Holly said...

ok gals...what is the blog challenge???

barb cabot said...

Holly the blog challenge is for anyone out there to blog daily for the month of February. Will you join in?

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